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All Wealth Management Firms Need To Use Regtech Software

October 12, 2023
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Sid Yenamandra

Sid Yenamandra is the Founder and CEO of Surge Ventures, an esteemed entrepreneur and executive with a remarkable track record in the cybersecurity and technology sectors. With successful exits from three startups, Sid has left a lasting impact on the industry. Notably, he founded and led Entreda, a top provider of cybersecurity compliance software for financial services firms, which was acquired by K1 Capital and RegTech Unicorn Smarsh. Sid's leadership also included the acquisition of Privva, a leading provider of third-party vendor risk management software. His expertise in driving growth and innovation is further exemplified by his key roles at Plato Networks and PacketFX, both of which were acquired by prominent companies in the tech industry. With dual B.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley and a wealth of experience, Sid is widely recognized for his authoritative knowledge and ability to develop groundbreaking solutions in the cybersecurity landscape.

Regtech provides a range of benefits for wealth management firms. You can use it to automate compliance processes, meaning your business can meet regulatory requirements across multiple jurisdictions.

Regtech also helps you ensure that you are handling client information responsibly and protecting customer data from breaches of sensitive information by automating the identification of suspicious activities or transactions on your platform.

Regulatory technology is increasingly becoming an essential part of operating a successful wealth management firm because it helps you achieve these goals:

  • Automate compliance processes across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Meet regulatory requirements across various jurisdictions.

If a wealth management firm does not comply with U.S. state and federal regulations, they can be fined or lose its operating license.

Fines range depending on the type of violation committed by the firm (e.g., whether they were repeat offenders).

Fines can also be much higher if the firm holds a fiduciary responsibility over client funds or securities as part of its business activities. These penalties can reach six figures per offense.

Wealth management firms should use Regtech tools to help them achieve the highest level of compliance possible.

Wealth management firms should use Regtech tools to help them achieve the highest level of compliance possible. Regtech is designed to help wealth management firms handle client information responsibly, protect client data and prevent breaches of sensitive information.

Regtech solutions can also reduce costs by automating many processes that would otherwise require manual effort from employees. By leveraging these tools, wealth management firms can ensure they meet regulatory requirements while protecting their business from potential fines or penalties related to noncompliance with regulations like CCPA and MiFID II.

Regtech technology can help to automate compliance processes.

Regtech also enables firms to leverage data analytics, machine learning, and AI technologies to identify potential risks while mitigating them at an early stage.

Regtech tools can integrate with existing systems such as CRM (customer relationship management), PMS (portfolio management system), or ERP (enterprise resource planning).

Moreover, they can provide real-time insights into how investments are performing based on the latest market trends so that you can make informed decisions quickly, if necessary, to meet and exceed your client’s expectations while meeting regulatory requirements at all times.

Regtech software helps wealth management firms ensure that they handle client information responsibly, protect client data, and prevent breaches of sensitive information.

Regtech software helps wealth management firms handle client information responsibly, protecting client data and preventing breaches of sensitive information.

Regtech can identify potential issues before they become problems. For example, suppose you have more than one person working on a file or document at any time. As a result, Regtech will alert you when someone has made changes without authorization so that you can prevent unauthorized access to the client’s confidential information by other employees in your firm who might not be aware of all relevant details about a particular client situation or transaction involving them.

How can Surge Ventures help your wealth management firm meet compliance?

Surge Ventures is a Regtech software company that helps wealth management firms meet compliance. We can help you automate your compliance processes, ensuring that you handle client information responsibly and protect your network from breaches.

We’ll also ensure that all of your system’s information is up-to-date and accurate so that when regulators ask for documentation or other proof of compliance, you’ll have it ready for them at a moment’s notice.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help, please get in touch with us today!

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