Advanced Seismic Logo

Advanced Seismic Houston

The App Store for geophysical technology and cloud computing

Bractlet Logo

Bractlet Austin

Actionable circuit breaker level data

Deep Imaging Technology

Deep Imaging Technology Houston

Images hydraulic fracturing fluids and geological features of other O&G fields.


Accend Austin

Data-driven decision support platform for oil and gas

EnergyInformatics Logo

Energy Informatics Walnut Creek, CA

Cloud-based back office automation platform for distributed energy providers

FuelMiner Logo

FuelMiner Minneapolis

FuelMiner makes trucks intelligent

DynamoMicropower Logo

Dynamo Micropower Boston

Microturbine comprising of only 20 parts that runs on dirty gas


Meshify Houston

Predictive analytics platform that monitors and controls electronic devices

Skynet Logo

Skynet Labs Ireland

Real-time and secure E&P platform that improves production and accountability

Cold Futures

Cold Futures Chicago

Applies complex algorithms to automatically guide electric loads to the cheapest electricity

LowFoot Logo

Lowfoot Toronto for your electricity bill

RunTitle Logo

RunTitle Austin

The largest database of mineral ownership information in the US

Weave Energy

Weave Houston

Social referral platform that engages consumers for energy efficiency products, services and programs

Greasebook Logo

greasebook Oklahoma City

Provides real-time oilfield management solutions for independent O&G operators using a mobile app that eliminates the use of paper gauge sheets

Molecule Software Logo

Molecule Houston

Quickbooks for energy trading


SecureNOK Houston/Norway

Machine-to-machine cybersecurity platform that protects oil and gas control systems


Waveseis Denver

Next step-change in 3D seismic imaging for subsalt environments


Petrabytes Houston

Big data management platform that uses oilfield measurements to provide predictive analytics for the O&G industry


Seisquare France

Combines geostatistics and geophysics to plan and monitor production of O&G reservoirs with maximum confidence

Metal Networks


The global marketplace for industrial metal buyers and sellers

Revokom Logo

Revokom Chile, Denver

An opinionated communication platform for asset intensive industries

Bractlet Logo

10Six New York

Leverages the aggregated, unused capacity of distributed batteries to improve electric grid stability

Project Insiders

Project Insiders Houston

O&G SaaS-based platform providing sales intelligence on large capital investment projects

Simulation Appliance

Simulation Appliance Canada

Next-generation, cloud-based chemical engineering process simulation software platform



Artificial intelligence software that provides real-time energy savings for process industries

Snugg Home

Snugg Home Boulder meets Lending Tree for energy efficiency contractors

AMS Logo

Autonomous Marine Systems Washington

Low-cost, self-powered ocean surface drones, deployed in fleets that form an intelligent sensor network to collect and transmit marine data


renooble Portland + Chile

Generates smart leads for renewable energy providers by using proprietary algorithms to determine the most likely purchasers

Pinnacle Logo

Pinnacle The Woodlands/ Boston

RedHat for the SmartGrid

WatrHub Logo

WatrHub Canada

Turns fragmented data into actionable intelligence for the water industry


Clear Creek Networks Boulder

The world’s first self-operating, vendor-independent computer network that makes the next generation electric grid a reality

SEE Forge Logo

SEE Forge Houston + Australia

Mobile reporting platform that uses a “FatFinger” app to streamline workflows while eliminating paperwork, providing real-time operational analytics to management

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